Utlimate facepalm: Mass Effect 3’s FemShep Cover

I am tired. JUST tired of people making a big deal out of this..What am I talking about? Well I will give you a brief summary.

Mass Effect 3

On March 6th of 2012, the final trilogy to the Mass Effect series will arrive. Mass Effect 3 has brought excitement to all fans, including myself. The basic story is that you play as Commander Shepard, male or female, and your mission is to save the world from the Reapers and Collectors. The decisions you make in the game will change the game, your Shepard, and your crew. It’s a wonderful roleplaying game and I love playing it and making different stories with different outcomes.

Now here’s the thing, the covers of the games have always shown Male Shepard and Female Shepard, (fans like to call FemShep). This time, Bioware listened to the fans. So for the Collectors Edition of Mass Effect 3, the cover art will have a Female Shepard. Last month, during the week of Comic Con, Bioware put up a poll of what the Female Shepard would look like. Here were the choices:

These were the choices that the fans had to choose from.

Here’s the thing, the fans get to choose who will be on the cover of the game, not Bioware. Whoever had the highest votes would be the chosen one. Now..the winner of these 6 choices was Shepard number 5, or the Blonde one (I couldn’t find a good quality picture that had the number choices. ^^’ )

BOY, did that struck a cord with some fans. This article..made me angry because of how close-minded and how stereotypical this woman was about Blonde women in video game. http://www.pcgamer.com/2011/07/27/mass-effect-3-death-to-blonde-shepard/

Here’s my thing…in the game, you are allowed to import your FemShep that you created from Mass Effect into Mass Effect 2, into Mass Effect 3. Some people are getting pissed off saying, “Oh this isn’t the original femshep” or “Why is blonde? That’s not original” and more whining. NOW. I will say it again, you can import your Shepard that you had in previous games and keep the way you like your Shep. YOU DON’T HAVE TO HAVE THE BLONDE ONE, FOR GOODNESS SAKE! It’s just a fucking game cover! A GAME COVER. I put my game covers on my shelf when I’m not playing. I could give two shits about a Blonde Shep. I don’t care. My main FemShep is black and do you see me complain? Nope, because I care about the story, the gameplay, characters, and the decisions I make in the past that will affect the game. I am a gamer, therefor, I play video games for the enjoyment. Not because of some damn cover. I am still going to buy the Collector’s Edition because I want all the cool stuff  like, THE GAME, soundtracks, new weapons, a poster, and figurines. I am a big Mass Effect fan so of course I want that stuff!

All I am saying is that everyone that plays Mass Effect has a different Shepard. It may not look like everyone’s which is good. It makes each Shepard unique. You can’t please everyone, but it is so disheartening that some fans of the game are complaining about the game cover for the Collector’s Edition, when you should be excited about the game and importing your Shepard or make a new Shepard and continuing the awesome story. If you don’t like the cover THAT MUCH, don’t buy the Collectors Edition. And you know what, if the Blonde Shep didn’t win and one of the other 5 were chosen, people would be still complaining. To end this, all I have to say is..IT’S JUST A GAME.


Games on the Mind: Catherine

Last week on July 26th, Altus released the game Catherine for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The company Altus is the development team that is behind the Persona series. If you are not familiar with the Persona series, don’t worry, Catherine is a totally different game than the Persona series. So I’m just going to talk about the interesting things about Catherine such as the story, characters and gameplay. This is not a review but just a summary of what the game is about and the central theme. I will be doing this more of current games and such. Now, I haven’t purchased the game yet, but I might because I need something different to play 🙂

Catherine and Katherine. (Not related)

Let’s start with a summary of the game:

Our main character!

You play as Vincent Brooks, a guy who is in a long relationship with Katherine McBride. They met an high school reunion and they fell in love with each other. During their time together, Katherine wants to take their relationship to the next level, meaning marriage. Vincent is not sure what to do. Right now, he was to have the freedom of being single and not being tied down by marriage.

The Girlfriend of Vincent Brooks..Her last name is McBride..he should have known that marriage was coming around the corner with that name lol JK JK.

Now, that’s only half the issue. There have been murders of men who have been unfaithful to their spouse. The thing about it is that they die in their sleep. That’s when our title character comes in.

Catherine..the source of this whole game.

Catherine enters Vincent’s life out of nowhere and tries to seduce him. She’s a free spirit who loves to have fun. That’s Vincent’s kind of girl. After they have a connection, the two characters had sex, which brings us to the whole idea of the game.

It is then that as Vincent sleeps, he realizes that in his dreams or nightmares I should say, he’s in a puzzle game and he’s under a time limit. Basically, if you don’t finish the puzzle in time, you will die. If you get smashed by a block..you die. When he wakes up, he remembers what happened in the nightmare.

The first puzzle in the game.

This is where the gameplay comes in. The goal is to make it up to the top. All you have to do is push and pull blocks to make stairs. Now, from what I heard..this game is very difficult. It does it harder each level. Now the puzzle game is not the only thing you can do in Catherine.

The levels of the blocks in Vincent’s nightmare are the Nighttime Gameplay. Then we have the Daytime Gameplay; where you can listen to the jukebox, hang out with friends and your girlfriend(s), play arcade games, get drunk, and struggle between the choices of Katherine and Catherine.

Now, in most video games, there is always this underlying message or theme in the game. If you can tell, this all happened when Catherine showed up and just happened to be attracted to Vincent, who has a girlfriend. Not only is this game a puzzle game, but it deals with handling commitments, relationships, love, and infidelity. Catherine has 8 different endings so it is a choose your own story adventure. The choices you make with Vincent’s friends and especially with Katherine McBride and Catherine, since these are the women that Vincent deals with, affect the storyline.

This game is very interesting and I can wait to get my hands on it soon 🙂 What are your thoughts about the game or themes of it? ^^

So you want to work at Valve?

Ok..last week, I stumbled upon a video on Kotaku about this young woman who wants to work for Valve. For those who do not know who or what Valve is, they are a game development company what has worked on big titles such as Portal, Team Fortress, Left 4 Dead,  and Half-life. They also made Steam which is a digital game distributor (Basically purchasing digital download of video games). Anyway, she sent many applications and even called the company and left messages.  To her..it did not seem like they weren’t budging..so what does she do next?!

Makes a video about why she wants to work for Valve. Now..I am just going to leave this here for you to watch..


I will let you sink this through…





Done? Okay.


Now…my first thought when I saw this..Actually I didn’t have a thought, I just laughed. It was ridiculous and I felt bad for her. I wasn’t sure if this was trolling or she was actually serious. This video is done in Flash. Flash is a good program…BUT…it is not what Valve uses for their games. If you REALLY wanted to work at Valve, you could at least show them 3D animation skills, because I don’t know..let’s see..how about because..they make 3D GAMES! Show them programming skills, textures, 3D models…Something CGI!  That’s what they are looking for, not just Valve, but every game company. They look for quality in your work, not just your personality. (Well sometimes because you have to work with other people). AND making games is a LOT of work and it is cut-throat. Once a game project is screwed up or sales of the game were shitty, you lose your job.  -___- *sighs* She has a long way to go if she really wants to be in the game industry. Game design is not even my major but I know the reality of it because of people that I talk to and what I read. It seems like fun and games and it could be, but until you can prove and show you can handle the work and stress that comes with it, it may not be your cup of tea.


Being a little quiet, lately.

Yeah..I promised myself that I would make a blog post each day and it didn’t work lol. I’ve been somewhat busy but not really. A couple of weekends ago, I went to a cosplay gathering in Chicago and it was fun! Met great people and had great laughs. Plus, I got a feel for wearing cosplay around downtown Chicago…’twas awesome. You tend to feel more confident when you have more people with you, but when you are alone, it does become overwhelming, but I didn’t care..it put me in a good mood for a while.

Then last week, I saw the midnight premiere of Harry Potter Part II, with my buddy and her boyfriend and it was fun too! Enjoyed myself a lot..and I needed it. I’ve been at home most of the time…and I’m in a rut. I’ve been focusing on drawing for my story and for a group in deviantArt, but I have so much on my mind..that it’s just bring me down. I try so hard to distract myself but it always has a way from coming back. I’m not on Facebook much..nor deviantArt..only to see Livestreams of some of the artists I watch…I just play games..

I’m focusing on the past and future way too much. I always tell myself to focus on the now, but I just start to fall back. UGH..I wanna let it out, but I’ll probably let out the water works and not even finish typing. Maybe when I feel like venting…right now..I just feel tired. Maybe, I’ll try doing some things this week..get out more and explore..I know how to get to the beach now so I can head there for a bit..go to Mitsuwa…SHIT.

Birthday coming up…that should at least get my mood up. Heck I know it will.

Dub vs. Sub Anime: Does it matter?

In many animes, there are always subbed versions and dubbed versions. If you were born in the 80’s or 90’s, you can remember that most of the anime that was seen on television were dubbed..well maybe you didn’t realize it until you got older. So, for me, I can tolerate by subbed and dubbed anime, depending on the show and how much it flows. There are many people that prefer subbed anime over dubbed anime and sometimes will say that dubbed has trashed it. One example is Sailor Moon. For some people that grew up with Sailor Moon, like me, have watched it dubbed, but thanks to the internet or possibly buying the Japanese version of Sailor Moon, we can see the original subbed version. There are soooooo many people that say that the dub of Sailor Moon is shitty. While I do admit that it is true, for myself, I think that I would want to watch it dubbed. Only because since I have seen in dubbed first and I am so used it. I am not turning away from japanese subbed Sailor Moon at all because I have watched it. It’s just that I am more likely to watch it in dub.

My personal take of subbed and dubbed anime is this: If I start watching an anime in subbed. then I will always watch it in subbed. Vise-versa with dubbed anime. If I watch in dubbed, then I will always watch it in dubbed. (Just typing subbed and dubbed is confusing me out so..I might use English and Japanese to make it better ^^; ). I am not the type of person to bash or not hate on dubbed anime. Some animes that are dubbed are not bad! Take a look at Cowboy Bebop, or Claymore, or Fruits Basket. The list goes on. I have little friends…that actually watched dubbed anime. One of my friends who is DBZ hardcore fan does watch more dubbed anime than subbed. Probably one of the reasons is because..(and I have to agree in some point) that reading the subtitles can be a little tiring to read all the time. She’s easy to talk to about this subject. Sometimes I don’t mind and it doesn’t bother me but I have no issue watching it in English.

NOW…it’s a little different if I watched an anime is subbed then watch it in dubbed. For example…K-on. Very cutesy, moe, rocking out girls with cute voices. I love that anime so adorable. When I heard about the English dubbed of it, I had to check it out. I listened, I watched, and I laughed. It…was….not…all that wonderful. It didn’t match well. AT ALL. Another example was Soul Eater. Same reaction, and I would rather watch it in Japanese subbed.

It all comes down to preferences and what YOU like as a person. What I will not condom to is, treating someone harshly or taunting them because they watch an English dubbed anime. If they want to watch it in dubbed, that’s fine! Let them! It is their choice! Don’t question them why because maybe they just prefer it. If you refuse to watch anime in dubbed, then go right ahead! It is your choice, too! Anime is enjoyable and you, and only you, can choose what you prefer, not anyone else. 🙂

“The Grand List of Conventions That I Must Go To Soon” List

Yeah…I could not think of any interesting topics to write about today, since I’ve lazy and sleeping every hour or so (Because I can :3 ), I’m gonna talk about conventions, specially: Anime, Comic, or some type of fandom conventions. So far, I’ve been to Anime Central, KollisonKon, and Midwest FurFest in IL. Of course, I want to go to out of state conventions BUT you know…money, money, money, money,money…MONEY! When I get some money or when my parents can feel confident that they can actually pay for it, I shall! So let’s start!

(This list is in no order!)

-Ohayocon in Columbus, Ohio. Heck, I’m in IL..I’m pretty close to it. I pretty much place Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin pretty close LOL.

-Youmacon in Detroit, Michigan.

-Katsucon in Washington, D.C

-Otakon in Baltimore, Maryland

-Ikkicon in Austin, Texas

-AnimeExpo in Los Angeles, California. NEED I SAY MORE? O_O

-SakuraCon in Seattle, Washington

-Comic Con in San Diego, California. SERIOUSLY. I hope this will be the 21st birthday present ;^;

-New York Comic Con in New York. Their comic con is really great too.

-FamineCon in San Jose, California

-Power Morphicon in Los Angeles, California.


That’s all I can think of for now. I may edit this again when I find out more about other conventions that looks interesting to go to.

/end…for now >_>

The tools do not make the artist!

Well yesterday was a bit funny and a lot of facepalming. Luckily, I didn’t hurt my head much. ^^;

ANYWAY. Yesterday, I was watching a livestream of an artist on deviantArt and she was simply drawing some fanart of a character from the new Black Rock Shooter game. (I WANT THAT GAME MAN D:….) On the side of the stream is the chat for watchers to chat with the artists and other people. While I was watching her draw, on the corner of my eye, I noticed a person was asking what program was the artist using. She was using Paint Tool Sai. For people who do not know what Paint Tool Sai is, it’s a drawing program. If you looked at the interface, it looks a bit like Photoshop, but not really. The difference with Sai and Photoshop is that Sai is a drawing program while Photoshop can not only be using drawing/painting, it is an photo editing (Hence the term) and graphic editing program. Now this same person that asked the previous question was, “Why is she using Sai?” Once again, she answered saying, “It was easier for her to get.” Now why was it easier? Well another thing about Sai is that it is easy to get because apparently this program was made in Japan and it was hard for some people to use if you didn’t know Japanese. Well someone made an English version and it was approved by the company. You could only get Sai as a digital download. For achieving the program, some people bought it. OR they got it for “free” if you know what I mean. With Photoshop, you could run a greater risk for getting for “free” like viruses or glitches or even worse, to give a few examples. With both of these programs, it’s the luck of the draw. Plus..PS is EXPENSIVE. WELL, it depends if you are student, then you are eligible for a discount. I remember a couple years ago, I got PSCS4 for only $100 at my campus. (I took the only copy. owo;) Ok back to main point.

The same person was asking more questions. Like, how much is Photoshop or Sai? (PS = $700 or if you are student, around $200. Sai = around $55). When someone told her the price, she was outraged. She then explained to us that her art teacher was telling her that if she wanted to be a professional artist, she would need to get Photoshop or Corel Painter because that is what professionals use. I wanted to say that it is partial true, and I wasn’t the only one who thought that. She founded out that the most of the people in chat use Sai. Including myself but I made it clear that I also use Photoshop too. Then she started saying that all the professionals use Photoshop and that’s how they get jobs. Saying that Photoshop is better than Sai and you can’t get the same capabilities and that’s why they are pros. Because they use Photoshop.



It is the ABILITIES OF THE ARTIST that make them professional. They practice, practice, practice to get better. I had to agree that Photoshop was a lot more capabilities than Sai, but it’s not the program that makes them a professional. The thing was I told her that, but she continued to go circles. She did not understand at all. She focused so much on the program and tools, that she didn’t think about what actually makes an artist a great artist. Hence the title of this post, “Tools don’t make the artist!”. On dA, or magazine, so many artists use different tools. There is someone that just uses Photoshop, or PS and Sai, or PS and Painter, or Painter, or Sai, or using a paintbrush and pencil or camera. There are so many programs and tools that we can control, but the program cannot do all the work. It is YOU. The artist. Me and other people in the chat were explaining that to her.

Then someone asked her how old she was, for some reason. She said she was 13. (For all I know)


DUDE. Now I know. You are still a youngster.  She doesn’t understand about the concept of being an artist yet. She still has time to figure it out herself. No matter how many times we put it in her head, she will still be hard-headed. She needs to find out for herself and see. /end

It seems normal to me..I suppose.

I’m very eclectic with the music I listen to. It varies so much. Varies in a way that most people wouldn’t think.

When I was 10 years old, I was into pop, R&B, and rap, just like my classmates and relatives. Of course, there was the occasional vocals I would hear in video games but that was during my Sonic the Hedgehog phase..(I played a lot of Sonic lol). As two years passed, I started getting into more anime and video games. It was around that time when I started to discover Asian musical artists. The first was Utada Hikaru with her song from Kingdom Hearts, a video game I love to this day. It was something about her song, Simple and Clean, that….attracted me. At that time, I didn’t care if she was Japanese, I just loved to hear that song. Heck, I would start the whole game from the beginning, just to see the opening of Kingdom Hearts with Simple and Clean playing. There were only a couple of friends/classmates that knew the song, but it just didn’t have the same affect as it did with me.

When I turned 13, I constantly watched the anime that was on Toonami and Adult Swim. The more I watched the anime, the more I knew about the opening and ending themes of each of those anime. Inuyasha, Full Metal Alchemist, Tenchi Muyo and so on..Then my parents got digital TV and that’s when On Demand came into play. There was anime I could watch! Totally happy~! Then that’s when it started it all. There was this one anime I watched on On Demand called Legend of Himiko. The opening of the song, Pure Snow by Yuko Sasaki, was such a beautiful song.

When I watch anime, sometimes I do not fast forward through the opening. I like to watch it all the way through. Now with this song, it was the start of me learning to sing in Japanese. As the tune got into my head, I started humming the melody and started to saying (incorrectly) the word to the song. So what did I do? I simply went online and printed out the lyrics and started playing the  song over again and trying to sing along with me.

At 14, I changed gears with my music. I went from rap and hip hop to alternative and rock music because during my freshman year, I was in a group of people who loved that typed of music and we weren’t outcasts but we knew we were different. I still knew little about Asian music because I didn’t know any artists! Besides Utada Hikaru, that’s all I knew. That’s when I got my first iPod for my birthday and started putting music I wanted to hear. I was new to downloading so I just bought stuff from iTunes or just used CD’s and import the songs. During the high school years, I understood more and more about the internet and achieving music. That’s when YouTube came in. I saw the openings and ending songs of Inuyasha and played them nonstop.

One day, I browsed around eBay and saw a CD that I wanted…it was Best of BoA compilation CD, the Korean-born singer that did one of the endings of Inuyasha.

I really wanted to buy it and with my dad’s permission, I got! ( it was only $30 ^^) Once I got that CD, I played it nonstop. I loved the whole CD and it was amazing of how it started to become easier to practice singing in Japanese. I just kept looking for the lyrics for each song and started pronouncing the words. My love for Japanese music grew as I found more artists. Namie Amuro, m.o.v.e, Ai Otsuka, Ayumi Hamasaki, Do As Infinity and many more as I got older.

Soon it became normal for me to listen to J-pop/rock like I would for any other music. I was always relucant to show my iPod to my classmates during high school because I knew they wouldn’t know artists. I will admit..I was afraid to let people know…because I didn’t want to be judged. Heck, I was even afraid to talk to my parents about it because I know they would think I was a weird child and question me. There was only one person that knew about my love for Japanese music and she became one of my close friends because she and I both loved Japanese music. After she graduated, I was alone again in high school. During my junior year, I took Acting 1 with one of my favorite drama teachers. That class was not only about acting but learning to be yourself. It was at that time that I admitted to the class that I listen to Japanese music and I explained how I got into it and they were impressed. I’m glad that they didn’t ask me sing because I was still learning haha. Then I started getting this confidence about myself that I didn’t care what people think about the music I liked. It made me happy. I slowly learned more about Korean music also because most of the artists that I listened to that were singing/speaking in Japanese were actually Korean, like BoA or Crystal Kay. Korean Pop became my 3nd most favorite genre next to Japanese Pop and Japanese Rock.

Now in 2011, my iPod has about 4,000 music files, filled with Japanese and Korean music, along with the soundtracks of many video games. It was totally normal for me to sing in Japanese or Korean whenever I would listen to my favorite artists. I do not keep up with western music anymore because J-pop and K-pop were making their way in my heart. Sure, there is some western artists I listen to but…they were back in the 80’s and 90’s. Today’s music…is..well it lost its spark. Music back in the 70’s thru 2000’s was awesome to listen to! Such powerful and active music that would get stuck in your head after you listen to it.  Today’s music though… the lyrics…either do not make sense or just so vulgar I can’t even listen to it for 5 seconds. People would sometimes say that without western (American) music, we wouldn’t have good Asian music (Trust me I have heard it all before). That is true and I believe that, but it’s just something about Asian music that makes it so different than western music and that’s what grabbed my attention.


Games on the mind: Fatal Frame

Next to the Silent Hill series, Dead Space series, or Amnesia, Fatal Frame is one of those games where….ghosts and spirits are the main attractions in this game. I have heard of this game but it is hard to find copies of it in stories at this time. Trust me, I tried to find it on Monday. The Fatal Frame series takes place in Japan where in each of the series, it deals with ghost, exorcism, and dark rituals. How do you defeat the ghost? You take pictures of them. Seriously, your camera has the ability to get rid of the spirits. In each of the Fatal Frame series, it tells a different story but it has the same objective. Point, shoot, magic from the camera damages the ghost and then ghost goes bye bye. Now ghost appear out of nowhere. Sometimes you can hear ’em, but there are moments you don’t even know where the ghosts are coming. Here are two clips/gameplays to help show an understanding of what Fatal Frame is.

*Also at the beginning of the clip, it’s called Project Zero. That’s the name it was called before it became Fatal Frame ^^*

*Warning: There is some cursing and bad language and loud screaming*

Yes…they played the Family Matters theme to calm each other down..

The reason for me mentioning Fatal Frame is that..lately I need a change. I mean, I bought Kingdom Hearts & Kingdom Hearts II a couple of weeks ago for the memories, but I need something different. Now…why a horror/survival game? Well, in the past, I was scared shitless to play any of those games (I was around 10, 11) but now that I am older, I wanna give it a go. Plus..it might be fun 🙂 <——-(I’m going to regret saying that. )

I gotta get this out for just a sec (Final Fantasy Rant)

Okay. Okay. OKAY.

Now…as most people are familiar with, the Final Fantasy franchise is very BIG. It’s full of fans and people who love to play RPG’s. Now I’m just a casual fan of FF. Not hardcore as much. There are still FF games I want to play. So far, I’m playing FFVI, FFIX, and FFXIII. BUT it’s not the point.

Now, wherever I heard about a new game coming up, I usually don’t judge it until I play. WONDERFUL EXAMPLE: Final Fantasy XIII.

Before I could even BUY THE DAMN GAME, people are already starting flame wars. “Oh this is going to be a piece of shit game”, “Who is going to buy this anyway?” or “WORSE GAME EVER”

*rubs forehead*

Unless you have played the game, can give a reasonable explanation about what are the flaws in the game, and sound mature, you will sound like an annoying  BUG.

Now FFXIII is an okay game. Not good, not bad, but just okay. It had beautiful graphics and characters. The music was touching. The story is lacking only a bit, maybe if it focused more on the relationship of the characters and the L’Cie dilemma, it would flow much better. Some of the characters had emotions and some just annoyed me to no end. But hey I am still playing it so I’m leaving it at that.

If you don’t like the game or if you hate it so much, you want to use the discs as toilet paper, then keep your judgment to yourself UNLESS YOU GIVE A MATURE REASONING instead of “it sux”. You are forgetting that there are people in the world that LIKE XIII. Your words are not the truth, just an opinion.

I know I am asking too much. It is the internet anyway. There are some people who do give reasonable answers to why they dislike a certain FF game. And I thank you! Everyone does have an opinion. They are entitled to it but don’t be an ass if someone disagree with you or you get angry over someone who likes a certain FF game and you hate it. It’s not worth it. I mean..I played XII and it wasn’t enjoyable to me. The gameplay made a huge turn-around for me which threw me off, but I still gave it a try. It’s not one of my favorite FF, but I’m going to go around and say, “XII sucked ass. It was the worst game I ever played. MEHGJAJGFDFDGFBYJGTFVHR CJVHBN!!!!!!!!212211” There might be a person who would disagree with me, but I would expect it to be a reasonable argument. If you are going to act like a kid, I’m not wasting my time in typing a reply to you. ^_~

Another big one is FFX-2. So far, there are more people who hate this game than XIII! (So I have seen)…

I thought it was an interesting game. At that time, I was new to FF (Around 12,13 years old) so it was pretty cool to me! As I got older, I started to learn more about the franchise and going back to the roots and I could see why people hated it. I still like it because I played it and it stuck with me. Then the big ol’ flame comes in: “You must be stupid for like a piece of shit like X-2. Go die, blah, blah, blah…” (Didn’t happen to me but I have seen it!) It’s just raining stupidity.

In the end, you are entitled to dislike a game, but don’t go bash on people who think it is a good game. It’s just…..not worth it :/